Renaming a branch in Azure DevOps

In Azure DevOps we can have different branches, but sometimes we might need to rename a branch as the name might not be reflecting the current code we are working or due to some other specific reasons. Though Azure DevOps doesn’t directly provide us a way to rename, there are some workarounds for renaming a Branch in Azure DevOps

Renaming a branch in Azure DevOps

  1. Go to Azure DevOps Project and Click on Repos

  2. Choose the Repo in which the branch name needs to be changed

  3. Click on branches

  4. Let us say I want to rename the Test1 branch to “NewTest1” branch. Click on 3 dots next to “Test1” branch & then click on New branchBranch

  5. Now enter the new name of branch as “NewTest1” and then click on “Create”


  6. Now the new branch “NewTest1” would be created as shown below


  7. Once the new branch is created, you can delete the old branch. Thus by these steps you can rename the branch from one name to another


I am an Azure DevOps expert who has worked on TFS/Azure DevOps from 2012 as part of my job.