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Delete Repository permission for a specific Repo in Azure DevOps

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Giving delete permissions to all the users for a repository might be unnecessary as there is a chance of repository getting deleted mistakenly by someone from the team. To prevent this it’s neccessary to give delete permissions only to certain users and not all the users.Let us see how to allow/deny delete permissions only to a particular group for a particular repository..

Step 1: Go to the Project & Click on Project Settings

Step 2: Then click on the Repository

Step 3: Click on Security for the selected repository.

Step 4: Then click on Contributor group for the selected pane & then click on “Deny” permissions in the dropdown from Delete repository as shown below.

Once deny is selected, none of the users would be delete the permission. By this we can deny permissions to the selected user or group. Incase we have to allow or deny the permission to the group for all the repositories in the project, follow the steps here