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Renaming a Repository in Azure Repos | Azure DevOps

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Azure DevOps gives you a lot of flexibility as far as repos are concerned. It gives you the ability to rename the repo in easy steps as shown below.Also renaming a repo won’t affect your pipelines or builds. And make sure once a repo is renamed communicate to all Developers as well as other stakeholders as it might affect their ability to push the code as well as pull the changes.

Step 1: Go to Azure DevOps Project & Click on Repos –> Manage Repositories (or) Click on Project Settings & then click on

Step 2: List of repositories would be displayed as shown

Step 3: Click on the 3 dots next to the repo that needs to be renamed & choose rename from the options as shown below

Step 4: Then enter the new name of the Repo & click on “Rename”

Step 5: Once you click on Rename, the new Repo name would be visible everywhere. Renaming the Repo names won’t affect your build or release pipelines in Azure DevOps but it might affect your integrations with tools like Github & Jenkins. So make sure that once Repo is renamed, fix the affected integrations and also communicate it to all the stakeholders involved.

And also a repository can be renamed only by the users who have proper permissions and not all users will have the permissions to rename a Repo.