Change repository from public to private in GitHub

GitHub allows unlimited free private repositories and to take advantage of it, you can change the repository status from public to private by following the steps listed below. (As a free user, you can change any repos you control to private)

Change repository visibility to private in GitHub

  1. Go to and the repository where you want to change the visibility

    GitHub Repo Visibility

  2. Scroll down to “Danger Zone”

  3. Click on “Change Visibility” in the Danger Zone

    GitHub Repo Visibility

  4. Then Click on “Change to Private” and again click on “I want to make this repository private”

    GitHub Repo Visibility

  5. Making a repository private will erase all stars and watches, it will also affect the rankings. If you are still okay with it, then go ahead and click on “I have read and understand these effects

  6. Repositories visibility will change to private

By following the above process, we will be able to change the repository from public to private in Github.

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