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Azure also provides a trial subscription where you get to use different services for 30 days and there also some popular services that are free for 12 months. In addition to that there also 55+ services that are always free irrespective of where it’s a free or trial subscription. Let us what are the features and free services available as part of Azure Trial subscription

Does Azure offer a free trial?

Yes Azure does offer a free trial subscription in which you can use most services for free upto 30 days after which some of the services becomes chargeable whereas some other services are always free.

What are the always free services from Azure?

Azure nearly offers 55+ services that are always free but with some limitations. There are quotas to each of these free services once you exceed the quota. you will be billed as per the pricing

Is Azure Free for 30 days?

Azure offers a trial subscription for 30 days with $200 credit limit with which you can try out multiple services and get to know more about it. Once 30 days are over or $200 credit limit is hit, you won’t be able to use the trial subscription.

Whether Azure charges after free trial subscription has expired?

No Azure won’t charge you after the free trial period has expired. They will begin charging you only when you move to Pay-as-you go model

Is Azure subscription is completely free?

No Azure subscription is not completely free. Once your trial period has expired, you need to move your resources to pay-as-you go model otherwise your azure resources would be disabled. But there are some 55+ services that are always free

Can I use Debit card for Azure Free trial?

 Yes in some countries Azure allows the use of Debit card but in most countries Credit Cards are accepted by Azure for a free trial (Check out country wise whether your debit card would be accepted)

Creating a Free Azure Account without Credit Card?

No it’s not possible as you may need a credit card

Why some email accounts are not eligible for a Azure free trial?

If you have already used your account to signup for a Azure free trial then you won’t be eligible for a free trial if you try to use the same email address again. Try signing up with a new email address.

How many hours of Azure are free for Azure Trial subscription?

There is no limit no of hours you are running a VM as long as the $200 limit doesn’t get hit, you can run multiple VMs within an Azure free trial subscription?

Whether if a credit card is already used for another Free trial, whether I can use it again?

Yes you can use the same credit card again for signing up for a free trial as long as you are using a new email address to sign up for a free trial

What happens after expiry of Azure Free trial

Once your free trial has expired, Azure will give you 30 days to convert your account to pay as you go model. If you have not converted your subscription after 30 days then the subscription along with all your data would be deleted.

In Azure subscription mandatory for a Azure account?

Yes. The azure subscription is mandatory for a Azure free account as it would enable Azure to tie your account to a subscription for billing purposes.

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