Service Hooks queued in Azure DevOps – Alternate Solution

As you all know Service Hooks have been getting queued multiple times over the past few months. There has been instance of service hooks being queued up forever also. If you again see some service hooks getting queued do any of the following steps

  • Raise a Ticket with Microsoft saying Service Hook is getting queued
  • Find an alternate way for ServiceHooks (See the solution below)

And also try to look at this forum if you see others also have same problem about ServiceHooks in Azure DevOps. I have also faced similar problem with Azure DevOps where due to ServiceHooks getting queued up, Email notifications were not getting triggered. This issue is not specific to any organization but more specific to Azure DevOps as whole as I have seen the same problem with different organizations also different users have reported the same problem.

Alternate Solution Try to use Power Automate flow to work around this problem by using one of the triggers as seen in the below screenshot. This is the best permanent solution for the issue of ServiceHooks getting queued up as I see no other solution around for it as of now till Microsoft offers a permanent fix for queued up ServiceHooks

There are lot of triggers available in PowerAutomate same as you see in the ServiceHooks. Instead of using ServiceHooks this might be the best solution available to trigger some actions based on the below triggers.

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