Installing an Extension in Azure DevOps

There are lot of useful extensions available in Azure DevOps which you can install to make use of the extension of the feature over there. Microsoft and Azure DevOps team themselves have some cool extensions like TestPlans, Visualization etc., (Some of them have been included as part of Azure DevOps already)

Let us see how to install an extension in Azure DevOps

Step 1: Go to Organization Settings –> Click on “Extensions”

Step 2: Click on “Browse MarketPlace” at the top right

Step 3: As the MarketPlace opens, click on “Retrospectives” Extension from Microsoft DevLabs

Step 4: Click on “Get it Free” button at the top of the extension

Step 5: Select one of the Azure DevOps Organization you are part of as shown

Step 6: Click on “Install” and as soon as it’s installed, you will get a message “You are all set” and then click on the AzureDevOps organization link which will take to your Org account

Step 7: Click on Extensions from Organization settings,

You can see “Retrospectives” from Microsoft DevLabs has been installed as shown below

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