Creating TestCases from UserStories

You may wonder how you can create TestCases from Userstories or Product Backlog items. This is nothing but creating testcases by directly linking it with userstories.. let us see how to do it in the below post

Step 1: Go to the UserStory for which you have to create TestCases and click on the Links tab

Step 2: In the links tab, click on “Add Link” & select “New Item”

Step 3: In the next screen, select the Link type as “Tested By” and Work Item Type as “Test Case” and also enter the title of the TestCase & then click on “Ok”

Step 4: Create a TestCase as shown below with all the details and click on “Save & Close”

Step 5: Once you click on “Save & Close”, The TestCase will be created as shown below

In the above step, TestCase is automatically linked with the Userstory and the link type is “Tested By”. The biggest advantage of this is when we can create requirement based test suites and automatically add the testcases to the TestPlan

So when we create Requirement Based Test Suites, these TestCases will be automatically added to the Test Suites

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