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Hiding any state in the Agile Process template in AzureDevOps

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The beauty of AzureDevOps is you can add & delete your own states to AzureDevOps without modifying the templates

Here let us see about how to delete new states to a Agile template in AzureDevOps

pre-requisite: You should be one of the Administrators of the organization to hide Process templates

Step 1: Go to Organization Settings —> Process

Step 2: Click on Process template on which you want to modify the states

Step 3: Click on the WorkItem Type you want to add the states (Bug or UserStory etc.,)

Step 4: Once you click on the WorkItem type say “Bug” you will get the process template displayed as seen below

Step 5: Then Click on “States” as shown

Step 6: Click on the 3 dots next to it and then click on “Hide” as shown below

Step 7: Once it is hidden you won’t be able to see the New state anywhere

Step 8: And any of the states could be hidden in case you want to use it for future purposes

And also we can do the below stuff with these states..

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