Billing in AzureDevOps – A Beginner’s Guide

Billing is easy and seamless in Azure DevOps and you can purchase “Basic” licenses for any users by going to Organization Settings —> Billing

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Azure DevOps Billing is always tied to the Azure Subscription you have setup as part of Billing. And as you there are nearly 4 types of licenses you can assign it to the users.They are

  • Stakeholders
  • Basic
  • Basic+TestPlans
  • Subscription License
    • Visual Studio Professional Subscription
    • Visual Studio TestProfessional Subscription
    • Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription

StakeHolders doesn’t cost anything to the organization whereas Basic is around $5 per month & Basic+TestPlans is around $52 per month whereas the users who have got subscriptions get free access to Azure DevOps with added benefits

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