Parallel jobs pricing in Azure DevOps

Parallel jobs decides how many no of concurrent build and release pipelines can be run or executed in an Azure DevOps organization. Count of Parallel jobs can be increased only by an Azure DevOps Org Administrator and the Parallel job pricing differs widely based on whether it’s a Microsoft hosted or self hosted parallel job.

Pricing of Parallel Jobs:

Self Hosted Parallel Jobs Pricing: Each additional self hosted Parallel jobs costs about $15 per month. If you increase the count of self hosted parallel jobs here by 5 then you would be billed 5×15 = $75 per month extra in your next billing

Microsoft Hosted Parallel Jobs Pricing : Each additional Microsoft hosted Parallel job would cost about $40 per month. If you are going to increase the count by 3 then the cost would be about $120 per month

In case if you to increase the count of Parallel jobs for your organization, follow the below steps mentioned over here on how to increase the parallel jobs count (Only a Org Administrator will have access rights to do it)

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