Epic Backlog not getting sorted by Stack Rank

Sometimes our Epic backlog might not be getting sorted by the StackRank or the order in which are placing Epics,Features or Stories. There are many reasons for this and some of them are as follows

  • Parent-Child relationship within the same workitem (One Epic being linked to another)
  • Epic being added as child to a userstory or Feature

Even if you remove and fix the above ones there might be still some ordering issues. To resolve that follow the below steps as shown

Step 1: Go to Project Settings

Step 2: Click on Team Configuration & Click on Areas

Step 3: Area Configuration would be displayed as follow instead of selecting the Main AreaPath & SubAreas. Select all the AreaPaths one by one

Step 4: Including all the AreaPaths as shown below will resolve the issue.This is a workaround and not a permanent solution.A more permanent solution is to keep your Backlog clean devoid of unnecessary items

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