Import Azure DevOps Repository from another Azure DevOps Project

In this article, let us see how to import an Azure DevOps GIT Repo from a project into another project in the same Azure DevOps organization. All the GIT history from the source repo will be also imported into the destination repository. Let us import a repo called “PublicWeb” from SmartHotel360 into a another project called “CustomAgile” and the steps are as follows

Step 1: Go to Source project & Repos

Step 2: Go to the particular repo which needs to be imported & click on Clone

Step 3: Copy the Clone url

Step 4: Then go to the Destination Project where the Repo needs to be imported & Click on Repos

Step 5: And then click on Import Repository as shown

Step 6: Then in the import Repository, paste the copied url from the source project & Click on “Requires Authentication”. Enter the Username and Password or the GIT credentials that are generated from the repository

Step 7: Once the import is done, you can see the entire repository in the destination project along with the full history as shown

This is one way of importing a repo from project to project. You can also import code after creating a repository.In a newly created repository you will get option called “Import Repository” at the bottom as shown.Click on Import & repeat the steps as shown above.

This will import the existing repository into a newly created one but with different name.

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