Creating Area Path for an Project

AreaPaths inside AzureDevOps is generally used to differentiate between different teams that work on a project. Generally the teams inside a project may look something like the one shown below

You may need to create a separate Area Path for each team instead of having a common Area Path for all the teams.

Let us see now about how to create an Area Path inside AzureDevOps

Step 1: Go to Project Settings

Step 2: Click on Project Configuration

Step 3: Click on Areas under the Boards

Step 4: You may see something like below..Areas will be created whenever you create a team unless you don’t check the option “Create an Area Path for the team”

Step 5: You can also go ahead and create Sub AreaPaths for different teams as shown below

Step 6: After creating you can see something like this

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  1. August 2, 2019

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