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Create Sprints in Azure DevOps

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In Azure DevOps, Sprints are called as Iterations and to create these iterations you need to have Project Admin access. After creating these iterations you need to assign them to specific teams or to the entire project as Azure DevOps gives the flexibility to have different iterations for different teams. By this you can have 2 week sprint for one team and 3 week sprint for another team who are working in different areas.

Let us see about how to create a Sprint (Iteration) for a Team in Azure DevOps. Since iterations are created a project level, you may need to ask the Project Admin to create an Iteration unless you have the access to create it.

Step 1: Go to Project Settings

Step 2: And then go to Project Configuration & Click on Iterations

Step 3: Click on New Child & then create one or more iterations of your choice. Sprints are not restricted here by time. We can have 2 week sprints, 3 week sprints, 10 day sprints etc., as all depends upon on start and end date of the Sprint (Iteration)

After creating the Sprint, you may need to add them into different teams or a whole project.

If the iterations are not added to different teams in Azure DevOps then the teams might not see the iterations listed under their workitems.