Project Repository Limit in Azure DevOps

As you know there is no project limit or cap on number of the projects that can be created in Azure DevOps. Similarly there is no limit on number of the repositories that can be created within an Azure DevOps project. I have been part of Azure DevOps project where there has been been more than 100 repositories and we have not faced any error message or limit when creating new repositories

You can create repositories as much as you like within a project as well as within an organization (Also there is no limit on no of repositories that can be created within an organization). But there are few drawbacks of having lot of repositories.

Sometimes it might become difficult for the Project Administrators to manage the repositories if there are too many repositories within a single project and maintaining the branching policies as well as permissions might be difficult for DevOps Administrators as well as for Project Administrators.

So whenever you hit a certain limit say “100” or “200” repositories, discuss with your stakeholders and think about moving some of the repositories along with workitem to a newer project.

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