Import Repository from another Azure DevOps organization with full history

In this article, let us see how to import an Azure DevOps GIT Repo from a project in an different organization into another Azure DevOps organization. Here the source & destination organizations are different from one another.All the GIT history from the source repo will be also imported into the destination repository in the different organization, before following the below steps a separate PAT key should be generated for the source repository from the parent organization

Step 1: Go to Source project in the Azure DevOps Organization & Repos

Step 2: Go to the particular repo which needs to be imported & click on Clone

Step 3: Copy the Clone url

Step 4: Then go to the Destination Project where the Repo needs to be imported & Click on Repos

Step 5: And then click on Import Repository as shown

Step 6: Then in the import Repository, paste the copied url from the source project & Click on “Requires Authentication”. Enter the Username and Password or the GIT credentials that are generated from the repository

Step 7: Once the import is done, you can see the entire repository in the destination project along with the full history as shown

As you see above the repository was imported into shanlearn (organization) from project in azuredevopsguide (another organization). To import repository within the same organization follow the steps that has been outlined here.

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