Changes to Test cases not Reflected in Cloned test suites

Azure DevOps Issue: Suppose let us say if you have Main TestPlan with 100 TestCases and for each Release, you create a clone of the MainTestPlan and name it as  Release-1, Release-2. Any change that was made to Main TestPlan should be also reflected in the MainTestPlan but you may not see the changes to the same testcase in Release-1, Release-2 Plans

Solution: Actually this is working as designed.  The main reason behind this is when you are creating a Clone of TestPlan, it automatically creates copy of 100 TestCases with new TestCase ID’s so any change made to the TestCase in the Main TestPlan won’t be reflected in the Cloned TestCases in the new TestPlans.

So inorder for you to see the changes made to the MainTestPlan, after making changes create a clone of Main TestPlan then you will be able to see the changes.

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