Restoring an Organization in AzureDevOps

Sometimes an organization/account in AzureDevOps can be mistakenly deleted but luckily there are ways to restore the organization or account that has been deleted.

You will have nearly 30 days to restore an organization before it’s permanently deleted

Follow the below steps to restore an Organization in AzureDevOps

Step 1: Click on My Profile from the right top corner

Step 2: Once you are in MyProfile scroll to Organizations Pending Deletion and Click on expand

Step 3: Once you expanded list of organizations that are pending deletion will be displayed and Click on the restore button next to the organization that should be restored

Step 4: Once you have clicked on it , you will be shown a popup similar to the one below where you need to enter a new name for the organization (For somereason AzureDevOps won’t allow you to restore the organization with old name)

Step 5: If you try to restore it immediately you won’t be able to restore it and an error message will be displayed as shown

Step 6: Restore the Organization after an hour or so by again following the same steps

Step 7 : Once you click on “Restore” the organization will be restored with the same original name!


I am an Azure DevOps expert who has worked on TFS/Azure DevOps from 2012 as part of my job.