Different Types of Test Suites in Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps has 3 different types of Test Suites which can be used for different purposes. Before diving deep into it, I hope would have known about what is meant by TestPlan, TestSuite and TestCase and now let us see what are Test Suites & what are the 3 different types of Test Suites in Azure DevOps

3 Different Types of Test Suites

  • Static Test Suite (Used in Regression TestPlans)
  • Requirement Test Suite (Used in Functional/Regression)
  • Query Based Test Suite (Used in Smoke or New Functionality)

Static Suite: These are type of Test Suites which can be used to group any TestCases. E.g : Login TestSuite can contain both Login & Logout TestCases and these type of test suites are not restricted by anyway.. Basically this is the default type and Testers around the world has been using static test suites for ages but the only disadvantage is static testcases can’t be directly linked with the requirement (Generally used in Regression)

Requirement Test Suite: These are the Test Suites that are directly created out of Requirement. The TestCases in this suite are directly linked with requirement and generally these Test Suites are used by Functional Testing Teams as these Test Suites helps us to detect whether a userstory has passed the Test Execution

Query Based Test Suite: These are Test Suites created by basis of query. The query can contain any filter like test title contains a particular word or created after a particular date

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