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Permissions of Azure DevOps Project Collection Administrator/Organization Owner

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A Organization owner has same permissions like a user in the group Project Collection Administrators. They have access to wide variety of features. Inshort they are like a super admin in Azure DevOps who can create/edit/delete projects and add/delete organization. Let us see below what are the permissions they might have as an Organization owner..

  • Can create/edit/delete projects
  • Can add/remove users to organization/projects
  • Can delete an organization
  • Unrestricted access to create build/release pipelines in all the projects
  • Can override Release approver permissions
  • Can create/edit/delete workitems in all the Projects
  • Can add servicehooks and set notifications for an entire organization
  • Can import repos from other organizations
  • Can add/remove extensions from Azure DevOps Extension directory
  • Can change the process templates
  • Can add/edit/delete fields from process templates
  • Can add/edit/delete rules and states in different workitem types
  • Can connect Azure DevOps to a different subscription
  • Can add/edit/delete agent pools as well as agents