Deleting a Project in AzureDevOps

Let us see how to delete a project in AzureDevOps in the below steps (Only Administrators can delete a project, not all will have access to delete AzureDevOps)

Step 1: Go to Organization Settings —> Projects

Step 2: On the list of projects, click on “3 dots” next to the Project you want to get deleted

Step 3: Click on the delete button

Step 4: A Popup will get displayed saying you have 28 days to recover a project and asking you to type the project name to confirm.Once you type the project name and click on confirm.The project will be deleted

Step 5: You will be no longer able to see the project in the list of projects

If you want to see how to restore a deleted Project in AzureDevOps, go to the below link –

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