Is Azure DevOps is going away?

No! Exactly not as there are lot of organizations around the world that are still using Azure DevOps and they have got more comfortable with Azure DevOps as it’s one stop solution for Requirements as well as TestCase tracking etc., Having said that more and more features are coming to GitHub rather than Azure DevOps but most of them are towards Build and Release as well as security scanning.

There is a very well possibility that Azure DevOps might co-exist along with GitHub as most of the enterprise customers are in Azure DevOps rather in GitHub but we can see Microsoft moving most of their newer improvements in Build and Release to GitHub rather than Azure DevOps. From my interaction with different program managers in Microsoft over Twitter it seems Azure DevOps is not going to away in next 5-10 years but after that Microsoft might take a decision on move the existing customers from Azure DevOps to Github depending upon the features and various factors.

But as of now it’s not going to move away as there are still minor improvements and bug fixes that is being addressed in Azure DevOps but not any major features like GitHub copilot or code scanning is being done for Azure DevOps

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