SOLVED : One or more projects are still being indexed | Code Search in Azure DevOps

CodeSearch is an extension that allows you to search the code repositories in a organization. This also enables users to search for code in the different repos in a project. Sometimes when you have installed this extension, you may often seen an error like this..

We are not able to show results because one or more projects in your organization are still being indexed
If the results you expect are not shown after two hours, please contact us

Solution: Whenever you get an error like that, the best solution is to uninstall the extension and re-install this extension is back again. Many users have commented on Azure DevOps forums doing like that solved their issue (Wait for 2 hours before uninstalling and installing the extension again)

Do contact Azure DevOps support forum when you are still getting the error message even after doing the above steps as it might be something else in the configuration from Microsoft also if the issue is still not resolved after 4 hours (after doing the above steps)

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