Importing TestSuites from a TestPlan

Azure DevOps has a new capability by which we can import test suites from a TestPlan in the same project or even in a different project. Let us see here about how to import those TestCases

Step 1: Go to TestPlans

Step 2: Click on the Test Suite or the Parent Suite into which you want to import the TestCases

image 24

Step 3: In the next screen you have to select the Project and then the TestPlan and finally the suite which you want to import. In this I have selected the “LoginTest” Suite.. if you see this Login Test suite also has a New query based suite and another story

image 25

Step 4: Once you have clicked on “Create”, these suites would be imported into the TestPlan as shown

image 26

Like this we can import test suites from one plan to another and also from one project to another by using this import feature

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