TestPlans, TestSuites & TestCases in Azure DevOps

You may get confused by different terms used in Azure DevOps such as TestPlans, TestSuites, TestCases.Let us see what are these terms and how it’s important for a Testing Team to understand these terms

TestPlans: TestPlans are at the top of hierarchy and it consists of one or more TestSuites.Generally TestPlans are used for different executions like Smoke or Regression E.g SmokeTest Plan or Regression TestPlan

TestSuites: TestSuites are a level below TestPlans and they consist of one or more TestCases. For E.g Login, Forgot Password are TestSuites as shown below

TestCases: TestCases are the lowest in the hierarchy and they form the basis of a project to verify & validate a requirement. Different TestCases combine together to form a TestSuite . One TestCase can be in one or more different TestSuites.

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