Creating a TestCase in Azure DevOps

TestCases are integral part of Azure DevOps and let us how to create TestCases in Azure TestPlans.. Though there are many ways to create a TestCase, the most used option is creating “Test Cases” via Test Plan and let us see what are the steps to create “Test Case”

Step 1: Go to TestPlans & Select the “Test Plan” where you want to create the TestCase

Step 2: Then click on “Test Suite” where you want to select the TestCase like shown below


Step 3: And click on “New Test Case” button as shown below

image 1

Step 4: As you see below “Title” should be entered at the top and Steps should be entered in the below section as shown

image 2
image 3

And then click on “Save & Close” at the top right. Once you click on “Save & Close”, you can see the TestCase created under the Test Suite

image 4

And the above steps explain how to create “Test Cases” via Test Suites and there are also other ways by which we can create testcases..

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