Azure DevOps Basic+TestPlans access level | Explained

This is a new access level that was recently introduced. As the name says this access level allows you to access TestPlans and Test Suites in addition to all the features with a Basic access level. Users with “Basic+TestPlans” would be able to create TestPlans, Test Suites and also add testcases to test suites directly. In addition to this they would be also able to edit testcases directly from a TestPlans whereas a basic user won’t be able to edit the testcases directly from a TestPlan.

This access level is quite costly when compared with Basic and it would be billed at about $52 per month per user.So incase if your company uses a lot of Basic+TestPlans licenses, keep a close watch on it and remove the users who are not using it regularly as this is billed on a monthly basis.

Features of Basic+TestPlans access level

  • Will have the ability to create TestPlans/TestSuites
  • Can add the testcases directly to TestPlans/TestSuites
  • Can edit the testcases directly from TestSuite
  • All other features of a Basic access level.

To change the user from any other access level to “Basic+TestPlan level”. Follow the below steps

Step1: Go to Organization Settings

Step2: Click on users and then select the 3 dots next to the user for which you need to change the access level

Step3: Then select the access level as “Basic+TestPlans” and then click on the “Save” button

Step4: Once saved, “Basic+TestPlans” access level would be assigned to the user.

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