Adding TestCases using Grid in Azure DevOps

In Azure DevOps, we can also add TestCases using the grid option which is one of the easiest option to add lot of testcases to a Test Suite in Azure TestPlans. Here are the steps on how to do it

Step 1: Go to Azure TestPlans and select the TestPlan where you want to add the TestCase

Step 2: Click on Test Suite where you want to add the TestCase

Step 3: Then click on the New Test Case and select the option “Add Test cases using grid”

Step 4: Enter the TestCases in the Grid as shown below & then click on “Save” icon marked in red. After the testcases are saved, click on “Close Grid” button

Step 5: Once you have closed it, you should be able to see the new testcases that was created via Grid as shown below

With the Grid option we can add a lot of testcases and it’s one of the easiest ways to add multiple testcases at the same time. We can also write testcases in the Excel and copy nearly 10 to 15 TestCases at the same time to the grid.

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