Renaming a Azure Subscription

It’s possible to rename a subscription in Azure. By default whenever a subscription is created, it will be named as “Pay-As-You-Go”. You can rename the subscription to any name of your choice. The subscription ID will never change, only the subscription name will change. The name for a subscription should be always changed from the default one so that if there are multiple subscriptions then you can differentiate between them easily.

Steps to Rename a Azure subscription via Azure Portal

  1. Go to the Azure Portal and Click on Subscriptions

  2. Click on Subscription you want to rename (In the below scenario it’s “Pay-As-You-Go”)


  3. Click on Rename as shown below


  4. Enter the new name for your subscription and click on “Save”


  5. You will get a notification like this once the subscription name has been changed


  6. The new name for subscription would be reflected after sometime


You can also change the subscription name via Azure CLI either through Azure Portal or from your Desktop (That’s another way of change a subscription name in Azure)

Whether a Azure subscription can be renamed?

Yes a Azure subscription can be renamed provided you have the required access. You can change the name of subscription either through Azure Portal or through Azure CLI

What’s the impact of renaming a Azure Subscription?

The impact might not be much from Azure perspective as each subscription is referenced by a subscription id which won’t change. But the contributors and others might find it difficult to find the Azure subscription if it has been renamed and make sure all the stakeholders are informed before renaming a subscription

Whether renaming a subscription with change it’s Active directory?

No it won’t change the tenant of the subscription when it’s renamed

Whether there are any naming conventions for Azure Subscription?

No there are no standard naming conventions but each organization follow their own naming subscriptions and it’s essential to name the subscriptions as Dev,QA and PROD along with the project names so it becomes easily identifiable. If you can follow CamelCase along with hypens to differentiate a subscription’s real purpose.

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