Access Levels in Azure DevOps Explained

In AzureDevOps users can have different kind of access levels based on the level they have been assigned and also based on the type of MSDN license they have.There 6 main access levels are

  1. StakeHolder
  2. Basic
  3. Basic+TestPlans
  4. Visual Studio Professional
  5. Visual Studio Test Professional
  6. Visual Studio Enterprise

Let us see in detail about each and every access level

StakeHolder: This is the default access level for any user and it can be setup under Organization settings and the functions of stakeholder are limited when compared to Basic users. Stakeholders can’t check in the code

Basic: “Basic” access level is the next access level in Azure DevOps and the users with basic access level can check-in the code and also can add a parent

Basic+TestPlans : This access level enables the user to create TestSuites/Add TestCases to Testsuites and also execute them

Visual Studio Professional : This has same access level as “Basic Level”

Visual Studio Test Professional :This has same access level as “Basic+ TestPlans Level”..With this you get access to execute testcases and also create TestSuites & Add TestCases to the Test Suites

Visual Studio Enterprise : This is the topmost level and it has all access has the above levels

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