Virtual Machine UnBootable in Azure

Sometimes your Virtual Machine might become unbootable due to various reasons.For these follow the below steps

Let us say we have a machine called “Shan” with Disk as “Disk1” and the machine is unable to boot due to some reasons.

Step 1: Stop the Virtual Machine in Azure

Step 2: Create a snapshot of the disk “Disk” and name it as Snapshot

Step 3: Then create a new disk from “Snapshot” and name it as “Disk2”

You can go about it 2 ways, you can either swap the Disk2 with Disk1 or you can attach Disk2 to someother virtual machine and repair the disk errors

Let us go by the 1st way, where I have deattached the OS disk from the machine, now going to attach the Disk to another machine

Step 4: Let us create a new machine called “TestMachine” and attach the Disk to the machine

Step 5: Start the “TestMachine” and Open the Disk Management

Step 6: In the Disk Management, you can which is the Disk you attached and in this case it’s F

Step 7: Then open the command prompt and run a CheckDisk as shown below

Step 8: CheckDisk will automatically run and try to fix any issues

Step 9: Once CheckDisk is run. Detach the disk from recovery VM and then attach it to the original VM as OS Disk

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