Your flow was saved but could not be enabled because of billing restrictions

Sometimes you may see an error message like this in your PowerAutomate flow “Your flow was saved but could not be enabled because of billing restrictions” when you are trying to save your PowerAutomate flow after doing some changes. This error might occur out of blue without any warning to the users but your flows would continue to run without any issues.

There are couple of solutions for the above issue:

1.Extending the Trial : If you are running your PowerAutomate account under trial, then you may need to extend your trial otherwise you may not able to use the Premium connectors, but you would be still able to use the existing PowerAutomate non premium connectors without any issues.

2. Changing your license : The license can be changed to either PowerAutomate per user Plan or PowerAutomate per App Plan (PowerAutomate per user plan is billed at $15 per month)

3.Contact your Administrator: Your Office 365 Administrator can choose the best plan for your needs. You can choose from any of the plans like PowerAutomate per user and PowerAutomate per app plan

4. Share your flow with another user and ask her to enable it after it was saved by you (This would work without any issues only if the other user had a valid PowerAutomate Plan)

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