Who can create an Azure DevOps Organization?

Anyone with a Microsoft account can create an Azure DevOps Organization, you can also create it for free using your own Microsoft account or using a company email address that is associated with Microsoft’s Azure Active directory. Using your company’s email address, you can also create an organization that is not associated with your company’s Azure Active Directory also.. So literally anyone can create an Azure DevOps organization provided they have a Microsoft account (And Microsoft account is free of cost)

Charges/Pricing/Licensing for an Azure DevOps Organization

  • Free of cost to create an Azure DevOps organization
  • 5 Free users with Basic licenses (can see/edit repos)
  • No access to TestPlans but still can create TestCases
  • No limit on Projects creation
  • No limit on Builds/Release pipelines
  • There is a limit on parallel jobs
  • 1800 minutes are provided for free build/release pipelines

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