Installing a AzureDevOps agent in CentOS 7

Let us see how to install an AzureDevOps agent in a CentOS by following the below steps given below

Step 1: Login to AzureDevOps and copy the url for downloading the Linux agent from Organization settings —> Agent Pools

Step 2: Log into the CentOS by a terminal or by Putty

Step 3: Once you have logged in, download the file by using wget command and paste the url you have copied so that Agent file gets downloaded to the root

Step 4: Rename the file as agent.tar.gz

Step 5: Create an agent directory anywhere in the System and copy the agent file to that particular agent directory

Step 6: Then once the files has been extracted, follow the below steps to install the agent again

Step 7: Run to install the agent

Step 8: Then it will display the license terms and ask you to either Accept or Reject it by pressing Yes or No button

Step 9: Then enter the Server url (AzureDevOps url)

Step 10: Then enter the PAT created (always use a PAT with full access)

Step 11: Then enter a “agent pool name” and “agent name” of your choice

Step 12: And again press “Enter” key for work folder

Step 13: Once work folder is created, start the agent by command (2nd screenshot below)


As soon the above command, AzureDevOps agent will be waiting for the jobs from the server


I am an Azure DevOps expert who has worked on TFS/Azure DevOps from 2012 as part of my job.