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Azure DevOps & Visual Studio Subscribers

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As you know Azure DevOps has 3 access levels and they are Stakeholder, Basic and Visual Studio Subscriber. Anyone can be added as Stakeholder and it’s free of cost. Same is the case with Visual Studio subscriber if a user has a Visual Studio Professional or VS Enterprise or VS Test Professional license then they need not be assigned Basic or Basic+TestPlans access level in Azure DevOps as they would have same access permissions but with some restrictions which depends upon the Visual Studio Subscriber license they are assigned.

License TypePermissions comparison
Visual Studio ProfessionalSame Permissions as Basic Access level
Visual Studio EnterpriseSame permissions as Basic +TestPlans
Visual Studio TestProfessional Same permission as Basic+TestPlans

The biggest advantage of having Visual Studio Enterprise licenses, it would allow the Azure DevOps Org to have additional parallel jobs, otherwise the Org may need to purchase parallel jobs to have additional capacity for build and deployment jobs.

Users with Visual Studio Professional license would be able to only execute testcases and they won’t be able to add Test Suites or create TestPlans within a project where as Visual Studio Enterprise users would be able to do the both. (Creating TestPlans and adding Test Suites)