Project Limit in Azure DevOps

There is no limit on the organization creation or project creation in Azure DevOps. As an Org admin, you can create as many as projects within Azure DevOps. I have been part of Azure DevOps Organization with more than 150+ Project as an Project Collection Administrator and there has been no restriction or limit on the creation of Projects.

But there are certain drawbacks of having too much projects in Azure DevOps. The reasons are as follows

  • It becomes difficult to enforce any branch policies across different Projects as configuring it will take lot of time
  • Removal of users from different projects and permission groups within the Projects becomes much messier
  • Different teams might ask for different kind of Process enhancements

These are some of the drawbacks I have faced as an Azure DevOps Organization administrator and the best suggestion would be to have fewer projects within Azure DevOps and more AreaPaths within a project in Azure DevOps

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