How to create a New Private (Self hosted) agent pool in Azure DevOps?

To create a new agent pool in Azure DevOps follow the below steps as shown

Step 1: Go to Organization Settings

Step 2: Click on Agent Pools

Step 3: Click on Add Pool on the right as shown

Step 4: Then choose the type of agent pool as shown

Step 5: Then add the details as shown and click on “Create” button.

Step 6: Your agent pool will be created as shown

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  1. July 13, 2020

    […] Step2: Now create a folder where you want to have your agent,(Either you can create it somewhere in the home directory or Drivers like C,D, E etc.,) Let us create a directory under the home itself and call it as _AzureDevOpsAgentYou can see more about adding an agent Pool over here […]